LED lighting, a new light source for all applications areas and industries

Dramatically reduce costs and increase lighting efficiency

Specialty Lighting

Benefits of ActiveLED Lighting

The benefits from ActiveLED Lighting across the many application areas and industries can differ although it can also be very similar, and summarized as follows:

  • Energy Savings
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Control Savings

Within a covered parking facility, low light levels, with heavy shadows, contribute to the unease that the average user feels. Therefore, good light uniformity as achieved with ActiveLED can dramatically improve visibility and create a welcoming, safe environment, making the ceiling appear higher and creating a sense of spaciousness.

Consumer Safety and Reliability

Consumer safety is our foremost concern, that is why our light fixtures differ from our competitors, we have set our own safety standards, providing a safe to use product in terms of glare and point source energy.

We have determined that more than 4800 candela per square inch will leave a severe burn on your retina, so we limit all our light sources to be around or below that intensity. ActiveLED being among the most energy eficient lighting we will increase the area of light emission rather than the intensity, for that reason. ActiveLED now has not only the highest efficiency in light output per input watt but also the lowest glare.

Power supplies are manufactured in our own facilities, UL and cUL listed and independently verified. All our operations are part of an ISO9000:2008 Quality System, independently audited by BSI (British Standards Institue) since 1989, certificate FM-1880.

Design Capabilities

Every facility, building or space that requires lighting has a unique set of requirements in order to create bright, consistent and controlled illumination.

ActiveLED lighting has been applied to a multitude of specialty applications. Our own team of electrical engineers and mechanical engineers designed, simulated and provided custom bracketing and mounting for poles, masts and facade lighting applications. We can also design and manufacture electrical boxes and wiring plans or fully wired electrical boxes for commercial, industrial and defense applications. We designed and delivered a multitude of Solar PV Panel mounts for small and medium sized generation as well as specialty mounting for monuments and facades.

Return on Investment

Switching to or designing-in ActiveLED products brings significant cost, maintenance and energy savings. Specialty areas where ActiveLED has a particular fast Return on Investment are;

  • where there is high cost involved in changing or maintaining conventional lighting solutions
  • where lighting is mission critical
  • where lighting is required 24 hours a day
  • tropical climates

Typical Application Areas

  • Airport Apron                                               
  • Aircraft Hangar
  • Sports Complex & Ballfield
  • Stadium
  • Olympic Size Swimming Pools
  • Television and Sound Studios
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