LED lighting improves visibility and makes CCTV more effective

Reliable long-life LED lighting, ideal for outdoor conditions

Car Parking Area Lighting

ActiveLED Parking Area Lighting provides an energy-efficient alternative to conventional high wattage parking lot lighting without sacrificing light output. Our fixtures provide superior lighting and improve the feeling of personal safety. Precisely controlled light distribution minimizes glare and prevents light trespass onto nearby homes helps to improve illumination while eliminating any unnecessary light pollution.

In-situ programmability as well as Motion and Daylight Sensors can provide significant additional savings.

ActiveLED Lighting, unlike HID and HPS lights, become more efficient as the ambient temperature decreases. ActiveLED lights have no problems turning on in cold weather and are one of the most reliable lighting sources in any outdoor application with ambient air temperatures of -55°C to +55°C.

Not only is ActiveLED Lighting better for parking lots and parking garages, it also makes CCTV more effective, increasing the amount of image information captured on security cameras. ActiveLED Lighting can lower your energy usage by up to 85% and reduce the number of light fixtures needed to light the parking lot or parking garage, decreasing the total cost of lighting in a parking area and increasing safety levels for everyone who uses it.

Typical Application Areas

To see our portfolio of ActiveLED light fixtures for Parking click here or let us know about your specific requirement.

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