LED lighting improves visibility for increased safety in all conditions

Long-life ActiveLED lighting is ideal for roadway illumination

Street Lighting and Roadway Lighting

The Need

Bright and effective street lighting is vital in ensuring that businesses and neighbourhoods are secure from crime and safe for pedestrians and vehicles to use at any time of day or night.

Performance, Reliability and Endurance

ActiveLED Street Lighting provides superior illumination offering increased safety and security as brighter, whiter light makes it easier to see at night with better contrast. ActiveLED fixtures offer directional control and minimize light migration outside the targeted light footprint, instantly improving visibility while reducing light tresspass.

To further reduce energy consumption, ActiveLED lighting can be supplied with a dusk-to-dawn photo sensor, a motion sensor and / or a user defined "zone program" enabling lighting level management within pre-defined hours.

Typical Application Areas

For product information on ActiveLED Street Lighting click here or let us know of your specific requirement.

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