Industrial LED lighting can reduce energy costs by up to 90%

More light using less power equals energy savings

Industrial Lighting

The Need

Indoor and outdoor lighting of industrial buildings with traditional lighting is difficult due to high ceilings and the vast space that needs to be adequately illuminated for long periods often 24 hours a day.

Depending on the functions that are performed in your facility, it may be essential for your workers to be able to make accurate color identification, see small labels on containers and be able to operate production machinery or drive a forklift in a safe, well lit working environment.

Traditional lighting produces a large amount of heat, which is taxing for most facilities, especially ones located in warmer climates. In those warmer climates there is often no air conditioning and the heat generated by lighting adds to workers dissatisfaction.

Outdoor lighting of the perimeter of factories, warehouse or marine berths can become a totally reliable feature using ActiveLED Wallpacks, Street Lights and Flood Lighting improving security due to reliable and improved visibility for cameras and guards.

The Solution

Using ActiveLED Industrial lighting fixtures in a botteling plant often reduces the temperature underneath the lighting by several degrees, where lighting is the main source of additional heat generated, vastly improving working conditions.

ActiveLED High Bay LED lighting fixtures are designed for open area warehouse or manufacturing environment and offer a 90,000 hour "No Light Loss" warranty*.

Using ActiveLED Linear High Bay or Round High Bay Fixtures greatly reduces the need for maintenance of fixtures and replacement, contributing to reduced operational costs resulting in a rapid Return of Investment.

Typical Application Areas

  • Airports
  • Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Facilities
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Warehouses
  • Repair Shops
  • Livestock
  • Paint Booth Lighting

Cost-efficient, superior illumination

ActiveLED will significantly reduce the amount of power and light fixtures needed in order to light the same space, providing brighter, white light that improves visibility for workers while providing better color definition for accurate production operations. ActiveLED has a vast range of appropriate industrial lighting fixtures covering Round and Linear High Bay, Industrial Flood Lights, Wallpacks and Task Lighting to illuminate vertical /horizontal stacks and all corners of a facility to allow maximum productivity and safe use of the entire space.

Light uniformity

Forklift drivers and workers must be able to look up and down the facility without constantly having to adjust their eyes. The human eye functions more comfortably and efficiently when the luminance within the field of vision is fairly uniform. ActiveLED lighting produces a wider distribution of bright, consistent light output, improving the visibility of the facility as a whole, improving the performance of your workforce and further reducing manual error.

Light control

ActiveLED provides intelligent energy saving functionality with Light Space ManagerTM, which enables further reduction of operating costs by combining dimming, motion sensor and occupancy zone capabilities that increase a building's energy efficiency by an additional 10-25%. See also Ringdale's LightSpace Building Automation and Energy Management System for even more savings in larger or multiple facilities.

Reduce maintenance risk and costs

Replacing a bulb or fixture in a street light or high ceiling warehouse can be costly and dangerous, not to mention disruptive to the productivity of the facility as a whole. ActiveLED lighting is mechanically robust with a 90,000-hour lumen lifespan, built to withstand shocks, temperature extremes and frequent switching with a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship and a 10-year warranty on LED elements, reducing the need for costly replacement and recycling procedures.

Continued return on investment (ROI)

ActiveLED will reduce your energy bills by up to 85% by using less energy to produce the same level of illumination and by reducing the number of lights needed to achieve the required illumination. ActiveLED lighting offers a choice of fixture wattage to offer flexible lighting solutions to provide the most energy efficient light for use within your facility.

* 10 year "No Light Loss" guarantee for ActiveLED® Elements and Fixture in permanent 24hours a day or cycled use.

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