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ActiveLED manufactures a comprehensive range of smart LED Office Lighting systems in form of recessed and surface mounted LED office lighting fixtures, ranging from restroom lighting, commercial kitchen lighting, recessed in-floor lighting to recessed Troffer Lighting of all sizes as well as a range of ceiling cans lights for large office applications.

New code and energy saving requirements call for sustainable LED lighting in the commercial sector, where architects, interior designers, mechanical engineers, contractors and lighting designers are moving from traditional commercial light fixtures to ActiveLED fixtures due to their easy to adapt control capabilities in terms of integration with existing Building Automation Systems, 0-10V dimming capability, EDSaP digital dimming capability and a BacNET interface.

Ringdale's ActiveLED fixtures are more cost efficient than traditional commercial lighting fixtures in terms of running cost, control savings and longevity. ActiveLED Office Lighting is environmentally friendly, as the product is not using any disposables and the light source is free from mercury or other toxins.

ActiveLED products carry a 10 year "No Light Loss" warranty that makes them almost maintenance free and because they produce optimal light intensity and color using less energy than Fluorescent, CFL, HID or HPS lamps they are generating less heat.

It is estimated that approximately 35% of all the electricity used in office buildings comes from lighting, where ActiveLED fixtures on average provide an 85% reduction in energy consumption directly from ActiveLED High Efficiency LED lights and indirectly from savings in air conditioning in the summer.

Designed for new builds or retrofits, ActiveLED light fixtures are one of the simplest ways to save energy and reduce organizations costs for interior lighting.

ActiveLED lighting brings many benefits such as emitting only "white light" in a color temperature range that is gentle to the eyes and minimizes eye strain, eliminating the annoying "buzzing" noise that is common with florescent, HID and HPS lighting. ActiveLED is also UV-free meaning it does not fade art or photos and reduces heat emission generated by traditional lighting.

Caution! Not all LED lights are created equal! We firmly believe ActiveLED® lights have the highest performance in light output per watt and ActiveLED gives the longest 10 year "No Light Loss" warranty. Read this article Not all LED lights are created equal

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