ActiveLED is the most cost effective way to light your organization

Reduce operating costs with maintenance free LED lighting

Reduced Costs

Know the cost of your traditional lighting

Your choice of lighting can have a significant impact on the operational costs of your building. When deciding on the most efficient choice of lighting, be it for small or large scale, internal or external use, it is important to consider all factors that contribute to the total cost of your lighting:

  • Initial capital cost of the light
  • Energy (electricity) costs
  • Cost of replacement (of bulb or fixture)
  • Amount of lights needed to achieve the required illumination
  • Short-term maintenance costs i.e. cleaning, minor malfunction or damage due to shock, weather or frequent switching on and off
  • Long-term maintenance costs i.e. time spent replacing bulbs, re-ordering stock and recycling
  • Re-cycling cost for safely disposing of hazardous materials

In addition to the direct financial costs, you should also consider the indirect financial impact of your choice of lighting:

  • Disruption to business due to damaged or failed lighting
  • Risk and additional cost to comply with health and safety measures when accessing light fixtures at height
  • Disruption/ loss of sales due to failure of a light
  • Risk of non-compliance to regulations on energy usage or light pollution laws

Save money with ActiveLED lighting

ActiveLED was designed to be a more cost effective and energy efficient way to light your facility, business or home. The ActiveLED technology not only cuts your electricity bills by up to 90% but also reduces maintenance costs. ActiveLED lighting has a much longer life and significantly reduces the cost and amount of time spent replacing, reordering and recycling lighting fixtures.

ActiveLED lighting also offers superior illumination, meaning you need fewer light fixtures to light the same area. ActiveLED lighting produces a bright white light, which provides better color-definition and increased visibility for workers. ActiveLED illuminates all corners of the building to allow maximum productivity in any industrial or commercial environment and improves the display of products in a retail setting.

ActiveLED exterior lighting also reduces indirect costs such as vandalism and crime due to increased visibility which improves the security and safety of outside areas.

Reduce costs with ActiveLED lighting

1) Reduced maintenance costs

ActiveLED lights provide a 90,000-hour lumen life, reducing the need for time consuming and costly bulb replacements.

2) Best warranty in the industry

Our ActiveLED lights come with a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship and a 10-year warranty on LED elements. ActiveLED fixtures are robust and withstand shocks, temperature extremes and frequent switching on and off.

3) Assured maximum performance

The intelligent power supply monitors electricity currents and the temperature of the substrate to assure maximum performance under the prevailing environmental conditions.

4) Mechanically robust lighting systems

ActiveLED lights do not suffer reduced life from turn on/off cycles as conventional lighting sources.

5) Reduce number of lights needed

ActiveLED lighting produces more light per fixture, therefore reducing the amount of lights needed, further lowering maintenance and energy costs.

6) No cooling costs

The fixture design has optimized water management and cooling to be effective in the hottest of climates as well as performing without degradation down to -55 degrees.

7) Fully weatherproofed and sealed

ActiveLED lighting fixtures optical compartments are sealed to prevent access of bugs, insects and dust and are also waterproof.

8) Reduced size for installation

ActiveLED Panel Lighting is about half the thickness of traditional fluorescent fixtures with reduced install space needed.

9) Energy saving management features

All ActiveLED fixtures are integrated with Ringdale's Light Space Manager™ intelligent control combining dimming, motion sensor and occupancy zone control capabilities that reduce energy costs by 10-25% on top of the ActiveLED Lighting fixtures' savings.

10) Reduced cost on all lighting

ActiveLED lighting offers advanced inter-connectivity and manageability of lights at a fraction of the cost of conventional lighting, significantly saving energy on all interior, exterior, street, retail, manufacturing and warehouse applications.

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