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Green Lighting

ActiveLED is not only the best choice in terms of reduced operating costs and energy savings, LED lighting technology is also the most environmentally safe and responsible lighting available today. ActiveLED fixtures guarantee "No Light Loss" for 10 years moving away from the consumption model of conventional lighting.

Organizations need to support green initiatives, and it is becoming increasingly important to demonstrate your commitment to corporate sustainability. By switching to ActiveLED lighting you can not only use lighting that uses less energy but lighting that is designed without toxic or hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment.

If you have a Green Project or need to get more LEED points, call us or send us your requirement.

More energy efficient

ActiveLED light fixtures consume up to 85% less energy than conventional lighting.

Mercury and toxin free

ActiveLED fixtures contain no toxic materials, no lead, and have zero mercury content.

Better light, less power

ActiveLED fixtures offer up to eight times more brightness per watt than incandescent lamps without the risk of mercury emissions harmful to the environment.

Better control over light footprint

ActiveLED fixtures deliver very precise light cut-off, virtually eliminating any light pollution to preserve the night sky.

Eliminate recycling constraints

ActiveLED fixtures are a greener option as they can be recycled easily and cheaply as they contain no hazardous materials.

Solar and Net Zero CO2 Footprint

ActiveLED makes DC powered fixtures for highest efficiency in Off-Grid solar and wind powered applications.

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