More light, less power, longer life

The latest LED solar street lighting technology, discover how ActiveLED can reduce your community's street lighting costs

Solar Street Lights for Parking, Roadway & Tunnel Lighting

ActiveLED Street Lighting products require so little power and still provide superior illumination making them perfect for solar and wind energy powered systems without any compromise in light output or mechanical performance.

ActiveLED Street Lighting Fixtures have the lowest energy consumption due to Ringdale's patented technology keeping the light source cool to the touch, this also guarantees the lifetime of the LED to be in excess of 90,000 continuous or interrupted operating hours. ActiveLED fixtures carry a 10 year "No Light Loss" guaranty.

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ImageProduct Details

P/N: SL1-Sol Solar StreetLight
SL1-Sol Series ActiveLED® Solar-Ready Streetlights with Integrated Solar Controller

SL1-Sol Series of ActiveLED® Solar-Ready Streetlight / Parking Lot / Walkway Lights - Integrated Solar Controller for cost-effective and simplified solar system design

P/N: 00-27-1617 SolarControler
Solar Controller 1617 for Solar-Charged Battery-Powered ActiveLED® Lighting Systems

Solar Controller - Controls and manages the charging of a 48 volt Battery Pack from a Solar Array, up to 16 amps - maximizing battery life, light output and illumination time

P/N: 00-27S-1618 SSB Series
SSB Series ActiveLED® ShoeBox Streetlights with Integrated Solar Controller

SSB Series ActiveLED® Solar-Ready ShoeBox Streetlights - Integrated Solar Controller for cost-effective and simplified solar system design

P/N: TWL-S Solar Trail Light
TWL-S Series ActiveLED® Off-Grid Solar Lights - Illuminates Hiking Trails, Paths and Walkways

TWL-S ActiveLED® Series Solar Trail, Path and Walkway Light illuminates pedestrian areas such as hiking trails, walkways and minor roads - light pattern illuminates the trail while eliminating light polution. Dark sky compliant. Round arm or square pole mount options