More sustainable covered parking at St. Edwards University

ST. Edwards University in Austin, Texas

  • Covered Parking Structure
Build Type Retrofit
Location Austin, Texas, USA


St. Edwards University and Community College has a large student and faculty covered parking structure with what used to be 287 HPS lamps of 250 watts each which were permanently turned on using $71,903 a year and 653 MWh. Due to the prohibitive cost of repositioning new light fixtures to positions more appropriate for the structure a solution using the existing positions had to be found..


After conducting a successful assessment of ActiveLED® Canopy Lights over a period of one year in conjunctiion with a number of other competing LED and Induction Light fixtures the Ringdale ActiveLED fixtures had the edge with built in motion sensors and remote programmability.

Ringdale delivered 287 Canopy Parking Fixtures each with a built-in motion sensor and IR programming port. The lights were set to a resting level of 50% and will turn on to 100% for 15 minutes when motion is detected.

Each fixture uses 52 watts reducing the energy requirement to 166 MWh a year would they be all permanently on a saving of 522 MWh or $57,000 in energy alone. Ringdale estimated that additional savings as a result of the motion sensor will further save $7,000 a year in energy cost well worth the additional cost for the built-in controls.

Where with the old conventional lighting system significant additional cost for bulb replacements and security issues were a permanent feature, the new ActiveLED lighting system will only require a minimal level of maintenance.

Ringdale gives a 10-year light-loss warranty which will tide over what would have been three replacement cycles using conventional fixtures or two replacement cycles using induction lighting. While induction lighting and fluorescent lighting contain mercury which is dangerous to the environment, humans and animals, ActiveLED is from recycled materials and fully recyclable and does not contain harmful substances.


Better light with fewer watts. No maintenance. All with a 10-year warranty. “We couldn’t be happier,” Mike Peterson said.

Students and Faculty are also impressed with ActiveLED’s light output. “Our garage users have commented at how they love the improved light quality,” added Peterson. “We have a lot of evening classes for adults. The lights seem to fill the parking structure with natural daylight, making it a very pleasant experience. It’s a nice effect to have along with the massive energy and maintenance savings.”

We were also very positively surprised when we found the the energy usage has reduced significantly even exceeding Ringdale’s estimates. Assuming the light fixtures will now last as long as the manufacturer claims, this will have been one of the best investments the university has made in its facility management and renewal.