With the help of the ActiveLED solution, NTEC is providing a green, modern environment.

NTEC Frisco, Texas

  • Clean-Room, Class Rooms, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Optical Lab
Build Type New Construction
Location Frisco, Texas, USA (near Dallas)


The North Texas Enterprise Center for Technology (NTEC) is a non-profit corporation that assists entrepreneurs with starting and growing new technology ventures. The Center specializes in medical- and clean technology and provides a broad base of support to entrepreneur, both internally and through its extensive resource network.

In the process of building a sufficiently lighted facility by way of Phase 1, a combination Conference Center/Classroom area, and Phase 2, a state-of-the-art Product Development Center for medical device manufacturing, which includes a “clean room” and warehouse, the key objective was to provide the specified foot candles for each area while meeting the allowable wattage to pass new commercial building energy codes.

According to Greg Roach, NTEC Director of Education and Laboratory Services, due to the intended use of the spaces in Phase 1 needing dimming capabilities and Phase 2 needing brighter than normal light for detailed tasks, the lighting technology selected for the facility had to be adaptable, dependable and energy efficient.


The Center’s lighting consultant, Lumimo LLC, recommended ActiveLED for both phases of the project. Phase 1, the Conference Center/Classroom area, which was designed for 75 foot candles, was illuminated with 52-2’ x 4’ ActiveLED Recessed Panel Lights, at 79 watts each.

The Conference Center/Classrooms’ ActiveLED fixtures were integrated with a Crestron audio/visual system using LightSpace® Manager and LightSpace® Building Management System Adapter to allow dimming and occupancy sensing capabilities.

The assembly area in the Phase 2 Product Development Center, which was designed for 100 foot candles to perform critical work in a safe environment, was illuminated with 49-2’ x 4’ ActiveLED Recessed Panel Lights.


The ActiveLED® Lighting fixtures met all of NTEC’s requirements. “We are extremely pleased with the results,” says Roach. With the help of the ActiveLED solution, NTEC is providing a green, modern environment that truly lights the way for R&D projects that may lead to other, new energy-saving breakthroughs.