"The ActiveLED fixture was the only option in LED lights to achieve a Net Zero Business Park"

Armstrong Point - Business Park

  • Business Park
Build Type New Build
Location Wiegan, UK


To revitalize the community in a difficult economy in the UK, Dave Armstrong with Carbon Consultancy came up with a new way to attract business into the Greater Manchester Area by building a state-of-the-art business park that did not charge for electricity, heating or cooling the office, warehouse and manufacturing space, yet provide a perfectly lit environment without compromise.


Ringdale UK Ltd. a full-service LED lighting consulting firm and Carbon Consultancy as a reseller, recommended to use ActiveLED fixtures throughout office, warehousing and manufacturing areas as well as all exterior lighting.

ActiveLED had the largest range of LED fixtures that could address all areas as well as controls to further reduce energy use. As there is no grid power used to light the building the carbon footprint is Zero. As the entry cost for LED technology is high it is very important to achieve a very long lifetime and a light output guarantee for LEDs of 10 years from a reputable UK manufacturer was important.


"Quality lighting is very important in this project and the reputation of the business park" Armstrong said. "The ActiveLED fixture has reduced energy consumption and improved the safety and ambience of the business park. We needed the lowest possible power consumption as we generate all energy on site from wind and solar. The 10 year guarantee of no light loss made the decision even easier. "The funds provided by the Carbon Trust helped the project to get realized as the first business park in the UK to not charge its customers for energy that is made on site. Performance LED lighting will be an important consideration for future retrofit and new construction projects" added Armstrong. See also www.armstrong-point.co.uk