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LigthSpace Manager™

The ActiveLED LightSpace Manager (LSM) is designed to be connected to a Ringdale C-Series ActiveLED power supply. One LightSpace Manager can digitally control one or many ActiveLED lighting fixtures, allowing the adjustment of light levels and occupancy sensing to suit occupancy needs while saving significant amounts of energy.

Occupancy Zone (ActiveLED Lighting Network)

The number of Ringdale ActiveLED lighting fixtures that can be controlled from a single Ringdale LightSpace Manager is virtually limitless. Each interconnected ActiveLED power supply repeats the Manager settings to the next connected power supply via its communications cable, giving unlimited flexibility in managing a defined ActiveLED lighting occupancy zone.

Depending upon the size and shape of the defined space and the number of entry and exit points, one ActiveLED EDSaP enabled light fixture or Power Supply can power LightSpace Manager power up to 8 (eight) LSM and/or motion/occupancy sensors. Being able to daisy chain helps in designing the occupancy zone to provide maximum energy savings. The light level can be precisely adjusted from 0 to 100% in 2% increments to suit the particular requirements of the occupancy zone.

Benefits of LightSpace Manager™

  • Intelligent controller that enables 10-25% additional energy savings on top of ActiveLED Lighting fixtures
  • Combines light switch, dimmer and occupancy sensor
  • Works on fixture-by-fixture basis or across lighting "network"
  • Interconnects all ActiveLED light fixtures in an occupancy zone for maximum flexibility
  • Allows precise dimming from 0-100% in 2% increments
  • Powered from first ActiveLED fixture – no other power needed to control network of lights
  • Easy to install, connect, program and operate
  • Satisfies Occupancy Zone Requirements of 2006 IEC Code

Motion Sensor

Optional motion sensor for controlling on/off of ActiveLED light fixtures in rooms with intermittent use

Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Optional dusk to dawn sensor for additional energy management of ActiveLED outdoor light fixtures

Battery Pack

48V battery pack for powering ActiveLED light fixture in case of power outage

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