ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit-2, 100-277 VAC 60Hz 15 Watt VHO for

  • ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit-2 (IGR-2) for the VA Flagpole 13" In-Ground RDB Buckets, 16 Watt factory-sealed ActiveLED engine replaces up to 150 Watt HID bulb technology

  • 21st century in-ground spotlight retrofit ideal for illuminating:
    • Flag Poles
    • Building exteriors
    • Parking structures
    • Accent lighting
    • Signage

  • Significant Energy Savings (50-89%) and very low maintenance costs compared to conventional high wattage and inefficient bulbs

  • Innovative self-contained and fully sealed ActiveLED light engine designed to retrofit the existing VA Flagpole in-ground "buckets":
    • Installs in existing "Bucket"
    with six screws (provided)
    • Complete replacement for
    inefficient bulb electronics
    • 3.3 lbs replaces over 10 lbs
    of legacy electronics
    • Factory sealed against
    moisture and corrosion for
    maintenance-free operation

  • The ActiveLED In-Ground Retrofit's innovative design delivers the maximum possible light to the target while eliminating light trespass to adjacent properties

    CCT color choice of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K in accordance with ANSI C78.377A

  • Improved light quality and illumination uniformity:
    • Lumen Lifetime of 90,000
    hours, 90% Luminous Flux

    Environmentally Safe Lighting:
    • Zero mercury content
    • Eliminates disposal of
    hazardous materials
    • Facilitates LEED® points

  • Voltage-specific power supply / driver, specify at time of ordering from the following options:
    (1) 100 VAC, 60Hz
    (2) 110/120 VAC, 60 Hz
    (3) 208 VAC, 60 Hz
    (4) 240 VAC, 50 Hz
    (5) 277 VAC, 60 Hz.

    Digital Power Source, dedicated circuit breaker strongly recommended

  • Retrofit Contents:
    • LED Element
    • Power Supply / Driver
    The in-ground bucket", the Diffuser, Trim and Seals

ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit LED, 100-277 VAC 60Hz 15 Watt VHO for "Greenlee CDB/RDB 13" Bucket, No Trim,5000K

Provides a 21st century solution for in-ground spotlights with an energy efficient, high performance LED retrofit with 16 Watt ActiveLED light engine

The U.S.-manufactured ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit-2 is an innovative, self-contained and factory-sealed LED light engine designed to easily replace the inefficient, high-wattage lamp assembly in most existing VA Flagpole in-ground buckets, providing energy savings of 50-89 percent.

Businesses, municipalities, universities, colleges and military installations use up-shining spotlights to illuminate or accent-light flag poles, building exteriors, parking structures and signage. The existing fixture is an in-ground round spotlight that employs bulb technology that is mounted inside a heat and corrosion-resistant "bucket". Typically, these lights have Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or CFL lamps and ballasts that run extremely hot and need regular maintenance.

The existing in-ground lamp and electronics can be easily replaced with the low-wattage ActiveLED In-Ground engine and the fixture will still have the same physical characteristics. The only noticeable difference / improvement in its outward appearance is a superior quality of light, which improves the safety value of its surroundings.
ActiveLED’s patented LED technology also ensures a long life span of 90,000 hours (24/7 is 8,760 hours per year), lowering the bottom line when it comes to maintenance and operational costs.

The ActiveLED In-Ground Light Retrofit-2 meets many commercial, residential and municipalities’ latest sustainability mandates for reducing energy usage.

ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit-2 (IGR-2) Product Overview

ActiveLED provides five models of In-Ground Retrofits for each of the VA Flagpole round up-lights for different lighting applications:

IGR-2 Product Code


CCT Color


Light Output

Bucket Size

In-Ground 277R2-5516



18 Watt

~2,600 lm

13" O/D

In-Ground 277R2-4016



18 Watt

~2,500 lm

13" O/D

In-Ground 277R2-3516



18 Watt

~2,450 lm

13" O/D

In-Ground 277R2-3016



18 Watt

~2,400 lm

13" O/D

In-Ground 277R2-2716



18 Watt

~2,300 lm

13" O/D

ActiveLED® Similar Products

ActiveLED In-Ground Lighting systems are built for performance and reliability. Backed by a 10 year "No Light Loss" guarantee, our lights offer increased visibility and savings due to low energy use.

Removing Existing VA Flagpole in-ground Bulb & Electronics Assembly

It is a very straightforward process to remove the existing VA Flagpole up-shining electronics assembly in preparation for installing the factory-sealed ActiveLED In-Ground Retrofit, as described below.
Before starting any disassembly / assembly work, first disconnect the AC power from the up-shining fixture.

Remove the four or six screws that secure the bezel and diffuser to the existing fixture body, safely put complete assembly to one side for reassembly.
Remove existing Bulb and Ballast Electronics from the body of the "bucket".
Connect the AC cabling from the ActiveLED In-Ground retrofit to the AC line feed within the existing bucket.
Reconnect the AC power to verify that the installation is correct and the ActiveLED Retrofit is illuminated.
Carefully place the factory-sealed ActiveLED Retrofit Engine assembly into the bucket and reinstall the existing Trim, Bezel and Seals using the original machine screws.

The existing electronics assembly will need to be disposed of safely and in accordance with local regulations.

ActiveLED® IGR-2 In-Ground Retrofit Product Schematic

This schematic includes important dimensions to help determine if this ActiveLED retrofit will fit inside your existing in-ground bucket.


VA Flagpole In-Ground Bucket with ActiveLED® Retrofit Engine Installed

The following illustrates a VA Flagpole In-Ground Bucket with its original legacy electronics removed and the ActiveLED In-Ground Retrofit installed and fully functional.


ActiveLED® Technology

ActiveLED uses the latest in energy efficient LEDs and LED Modules producing equal or greater light output than current HID technology (Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium). Our state-of-the-art electronics monitor current and temperature of the LED substrate to assure maximum performance under the prevailing environmental conditions and a Lumen Lifetime of 90,000 hours (90% Luminous Flux).

ActiveLED® Warranties

We provide mechanically robust outdoor lighting systems; our warranties are 10 years on LED elements, fixtures and drivers / power supplies / drivers.

ActiveLED is an ISO 9001:2015 company. ActiveLED provides products of the highest quality designed and manufactured in Texas, USA and in the United Kingdom.

NOTE: The VA Flagpole in-ground "bucket" is not included in the ActiveLED In-Ground Retrofit price.

ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit-2 (IGR-2) Part Numbers:

IGSRDB-U-C5016-WH, 13", CCT5000K
IGSRDB-U-C4016-WH, 13", CCT4000K
IGSRDB-U-C3516-WH, 13", CCT3500K
IGSRDB-U-C3016-WH, 13", CCT3000K
IGSRDB-U-C2716-WH, 13", CCT2700K

Technical Information

Input Voltage:• Voltage-specific, specify at time of ordering from the following options:
(1) 100 VAC, 60Hz
(2) 110/120 VAC, 60 Hz
(3) 208 VAC, 60 Hz
(4) 240 VAC, 50 Hz
(5) 277 VAC, 60 Hz.

• Digital Power Source, dedicated circuit breaker strongly recommended
Power Stastics:

Power Factor:
16 Watt fixtures

~ 0.95
Retrofit Contents:Factory-sealed Retrofit Engine:
• 15 Watt LED Element & Heatsink
• Power Supply / Driver

Retrofit Excludes:
Top Lens / Diffuser
Mounting rings / flanges / seals
The in-ground "bucket"
Listings & Tests:cUL Listed Driver, suitable for damp locations.
TM21 based on CALIPER ISTM Test to UL1598
CALIPER LM-79 Report, LM-80 info available
CE File, RoHS compliant, IP66 Rated.
Conforms to FCC Part 15.19 Subpart B Class A
Operating Temp:-40..+60° C (-40..+140° F)

Dependent upon model selected, complete Retrofit fits inside either
existing 9.5" or 13.0" O/D in-ground Greenlee RDB bucket

Top Lens:Reassembled using existing top lens / diffuser
CCT Color Temperatures:2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 5000K in accordance with ANSI C78.377A

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